There’s an enormous list of usages for a storage unit. People will recommend many ideas but would you know how best to utilise the space you’re renting?

Prime Storage in Liverpool offers storage unit options for personal, student or business use, giving you ideas on how you can make good use of such space.

Storage During House Renovation

Finding a place to store property whilst renovating might be challenging, but renting a storage unit solves a lot of problems as you can store most of the items that would be damaged by renovation work. You might consider using your garden but weather elements may damage your valuables. Think of furniture, artwork, documents and books and many other things you’d want to protect, whilst your house is being renovated.

Extra Office Space

A storage unit can provide excellent extra space for your office purposes. You can actually use the space if you need quiet time, to do a particular project or work.

You could also store certain items from your office you don’t have use for, but don’t want to throw away, because you don’t know when they’ll come in handy again. You can declutter these in a storage unit to use when you need them later.

Sometimes you run out of space in your office for archiving and storing certain documents. The extra space provided by a storage unit is ideal for this purpose.


Many people run various types of businesses from a storage unit. People successfully run online businesses by storing items in a storage unit, packing and delivering to customers from these convenient spaces. These include eBay and Amazon sellers and other online retailers selling things such as clothing, sporting items, toys, books, beauty products, Tupperware, health supplements, car spares and others. This way, your storage unit can be your mini-warehouse especially if you’re starting up.

Storing Seasonal Things

There are certain items you don’t need all the time. Sporting items like bikes, balls, hockey sticks, ski gear, surfing boards, and such, are seasonal things you can store in a storage unit. You might be running a business that sells seasonal greeting cards and events merchandise. A storage unit will be ideal for storing things you can’t sell during a particular season.

Schooling can also be considered seasonal. During holidays, students can store books and other items they use in school, in a storage unit.

Storing seasonal items in a storage unit ensures they aren’t damaged or stolen until you need them.

Personal space

You could use a storage unit for various rewarding personal times. Consider turning your storage unit into a hobby room where you can go to work on your ideas. People even use these spaces as art studios or galleries. It would be very satisfying to get a space where you can pursue some of your recreational and leisure activities without interruptions. Many storage units offer the best personal space since they have electricity.

Prime Storage offers great storage unit options at competitive prices. You can use them to cater for all your space needs. Contact or visit us for one of the best deals on storage units in the city.


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