If you’re like many people, you might think there is no room in your home for extra ‘stuff’. 

Storage units are perfect when it comes to keeping your home free from clutter during December and helping everyone relax when they get back from work and school. 

With Prime Storage we offer lots of different sized self storage units in Liverpool so however much stuff you have to store, we will be able to provide an appropriate space.

Store Your Presents

There’s no question that buying presents for friends and family is one of the best parts of Christmas, but hiding, wrapping and storing them can be another matter. Prime Storage in Liverpool offers plenty of storage space, so if you store your gifts, there is no chance of anyone finding them!

You can also clear some floor space at home and use our Liverpool storage unit to wrap your gifts ahead of time – It’ll make set-up day easier!

Going Away For Christmas?

If you’re going out of town for Christmas, our storage units could also help protect your valuables while you’re away on holiday. If you would like some more information about how we can help make sure your valuables are well looked after before and after Christmas – contact us today! 

Where To Store Things And Make Room For Guests This Christmas

If you’re planning on having guests over during Christmas, it’s best to start preparing your home right away. Keeping all of those clothes that you don’t need or won’t be wearing until next year, in storage, is a great way of creating lots of space for your guests.

All of your items will be kept safe and secure until they are needed again. Plus, you will have more room at home for decorations, food and drinks!

If You’re Going To Store Anything, Be Sure To Store With Us: You can rest assured, you will be storing with professionals who will safeguard your valuables, against damage caused by weather conditions, pests and contamination. 

We know how valuable Christmas gifts are to your family. Our storage unit in Liverpool provides secure storage solutions which means your goods will always be protected against theft, water damage or other natural factors.


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